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AUTHENTICALLY IMPERFECT is a podcast about learning to understand imposter syndrome and how to break down those toxic perfectionist thoughts so that you can embrace life as your authentic self. I’ll share my experiences of imposter syndrome, the perpetuation and negative impact it has in our everyday lives, and strategies that help reframe your thoughts to be more supportive. I’ll also have guests discussing experiences in their life and career, and how they learned to overcome their imposter thoughts, accept themselves, acknowledge their character and qualities, and live life on their own terms.


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Season 1, Episode 1

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Hey there, I’m Victor. Imposter phenomenon sucks the life out of us. It did for me. I had to develop a new mindset that infused growth and empowerment back into my life. You can too.

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Collaborating with Clients

I had the opportunity to be a guest with Rosa Ponce on her Powerful at Work podcast where we talked about imposter syndrome and ways small business owners can support and help refocus the thoughts of employees who experience imposter thoughts.

Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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Victor Mosconi

Victor Mosconi

I’m Victor and I have had a lifelong experience with imposter phenomenon. Through therapy, research, and strategy development. I’ve been able to reduce the influence and impact IP has had on my life. I hold a Master’s in Psychology of Leadership Development and Coaching, and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and I am currently working on my PhD in Psychology with a focus on imposter phenomenon and help-seeking. Sarcasm is my coping mechanism.

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